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We are no longer accepting submissions for our next issue. Watch for Issue #4, the Connections issue, hot off the press in Spring, 2022.


We want to know what this theme means to you. Do you think of connections between people? Or between worlds? Or do you have a story to tell about the mysterious workings of your own mind? 

We want to hear about your big moments, but also the small ones, the nagging memory or image that won’t let you go without having its say. Part of the zine tradition is taking risks and being brave, making a place for the parts of human experience that might go unseen because they are too messy or vulnerable or strange. What do you need to say? What do you want the world to see? What is your untold story?

SEEKING WRITING: Poetry, personal accounts, fiction, comics, and work that blurs the lines between genres. 1,000 words or less.


SEEKING ART: black and white photos, drawings and doodles. High contrast imagery lends itself better to the zine format. Art should be conceived to fit into a 5 by 8 inch format (think regular printer paper folded in half.)


Please attach submissions to an e-mail in a Word document or PDF. Send submissions to


All artists and writers will receive two free copies of the zine. 

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