Issue #2 is now available! 

For this issue we are reveling/wallowing in the messy territory of MISTAKES, digging in this turned soil to find out what grows here.

These days we are all bombarded by inspirational messages encouraging us to be positive, move on, move past, find closure, discover the lesson. Even chocolate wrappers, tea bags and throw pillows have gotten into the business of self-improvement! Here at Wallop we say, not so fast, first of all let's wade around a little in the muck.

Here's to the unflinching look at what you can't undo. Here's to grieving your losses, earning your stripes and telling the story of your most interesting scar. We hope you'll stay up late with us, talk and laugh and cry until your mascara runs.

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Wallop is an in-print zine made on some kitchen tables in Appleton, WI. Each issue has a different theme, told from a variety of perspectives. Go to the Submissions page to learn about being part of our next issue.